Monthly Archives: January, 2018

Various thoughts; Part 2 – No going back

I think I always had a rebellious streak to me … Maybe not so much rebellious, but often needing to know the justification for things. If that idea or position could not be justified, I couldn’t respect it. I remember how much trouble I gave my parents with my dad telling me I couldn’t do …

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Various thoughts; Part 1 – God in the silence

I don’t have fully cogent essay-writing thoughts at the moments. I have different things running around my head. My writing about them will help. Trusting God in silence I watched this harrowing video recently. I already despise police already due to principle and practicality, but to see the way how they destroyed these lives … …

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Who is a “child of Noah?”

A bit of a basic question, who is a “child of Noah” or a “descendent of Noah”? This is the translation of a Hebrew term that sounds like “ben Noah.” As I’m not a Jew or even pretending to be one, I’ll just stick to the English, “child of Noah” or “descendent of Noah.” Now …

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