Look at the source of this meme. It’s particularly ironic considering the subject matter of this post.

I had two children, 9 years old each, describe “the big bang” to me, individually, each at distinct times. Yes, I’m talking about the story about the origin of the universe some scientists made up to tie together some circumstantial evidence that exists today, that “big bang.”

As you may expect, these children didn’t speak with the reservation that a more mature person should describe such tentative and doubtful matters. They describe the story to me and the matters surrounding it as if they were reciting actual history, the true truth. A few questions uncovered the fact that they hardly understood what they were talking about, but that’s the process, isn’t it? That’s the sort of education you can expect from the one-size-fits-all “education” system from the state.

“Give us your children; give us your future! And do it or else we’ll hurt you!”

Ah, the “free” compulsory education that teaches you what to think before you learn how to think, one of the important pillars of indoctrination, to teach doctrines uncritically.


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  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    If you think that something is costly now, it will be more expensive when it is free. I learned the 7 commandments at the United Noahide Academies with Rav Michael Schulman. I am thankful that I did not enter a secular university.

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