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Interview with a 7-Laws-Cognizant Gentile: HRV

Today, I thought I would do an interview with a Croat (a person from Croatia) who embraces the seven laws and share his views with the few who read my blog. I call him HRV, and he is known more fully as Hrvatski Noahid.

I might be hyping it up, calling it an interview when it seems more like a Q&A (questions and answers) session, but, hey, it’s a bit different. So let me introduce you to HRV.

Here goes.

Before I go into your relationship with the seven laws, can you tell me a bit about yourself?

I live in Croatia, Europe. I finished a Croatian elementary school and an American high school in California. My main secular interests are linguistics and literature. I work as a translator, teacher and secretary of several companies and organizations.

Do you see yourself as a nationalist (a person with strong loyalties to his own people) or a person not too bothered with nations?

I see myself as a nationalist. One of the reasons I don’t wish to convert to Judaism is my love for my people. I find that joining another nation would be a betrayal of the nation I belong to.

What are your views about the Jewish people?

The Jewish people are the most important people in history because they received the Torah at Mount Sinai. I believe Jews are commanded to compel all Gentiles to accept the Noahide commandments. I respect Jews who try their best to do so.

Define religion as we’ll get into that word in the next questions.

Belief in God often including a Divine moral code.

Before you know about the seven laws, did you have a religious affiliation?

I was raised Roman Catholic. I practiced Greco-Roman and Slavic paganism during my teenage years.

Are the seven laws a religion to you, or part of a religion?

Yes, the seven laws are a religion to me.

How did you learn about the seven laws?

I learned about the seven laws after years of theological research. Although I respected Judaism, I never wanted to become a Jew, so I thought that Judaism had nothing to offer me. One day I found an internet article on the seven laws.

What are you main sources of info about the seven laws?

The Divine Code by Rabbi Moshe Weiner. I own the second and third editions. I plan to buy future editions.

What do you see as the relationship between the seven laws and Gentile morality on a whole?

The seven laws are the objective standard of morality for all Gentiles. Many Gentiles have a problem with this fact because it is more convenient for them to follow their false religions. Yet, the first religion given to Adam on the day of his creation is still the true one.

Where do you want to be in 10 years? What are your aspirations?

Above all, I want to find a Noahide wife. I have been single for 8 years. Bachelorhood is extremely challenging. I want to better my understanding of the seven laws. It would be great if I could master German and Russian, or at least one of those languages.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 5 items would you want to be with you, and why?

A copy of the Divine Code to study the seven laws. An English-Croatian dictionary to make sure I understand every word in the Divine Code. A computer with internet access to spread the seven laws. The complete works of Nietzsche to learn German and a Russian grammar to learn Russian.

If you could meet with three people from any time period, who would they be and why?

Moses, Nietzsche and Antun Gustav Matoš. Moses is the greatest prophet of all time. Nietzsche is the greatest Gentile thinker of all time. Matoš is the greatest Croatian writer of all time.

Would you have any message that you’d want to share with others who may read this interview?

Gentiles are obligated to follow the Seven Noahide Commandments because they are the eternal command of God, transmitted through Moses our teacher in the Torah. Do not judge your fellow until you have stood in his place. Fear God and keep His commandments. Good luck.

By hesedyahu

I'm a gentile living in UK, a person who has chosen to take upon himself the responsibility God has given to all gentiles. God is the greatest aspect of my life and He has blessed me with a family.

I used to be a christian, but I learnt the errors of my ways.

I love music. I love to play it on the instruments I can play, I love to close my eyes and feel the groove of it. I could call myself a singer and a songwriter ... And that would be accurate.

What else is there?

8 replies on “Interview with a 7-Laws-Cognizant Gentile: HRV”

HRV is an intelligent guy, but he differs from both of us in his approach to the seven laws. He’s a good guy. We disagree on points, but he, in practice, keeps the seven commandments and is a good guy beyond that.

You are factually incorrect about him being catholic in any sense of the word. He rejects Jesus, the trinity, the magisterium, their tradition, the Greek Bible. In all the fundamental ways, he is not a catholic. If you meant to say that you believe him to be similar to a catholic, that is for you to prove with factual evidence as you posit the claim.

If you just wanted to verbally emote without evidence, then you succeeded.

“HRV is an intelligent guy.”
As I explained in the beginning of Secular by Design, being intelligent and being intellectual are two very different things.

“he differs from both of us in his approach to the seven laws.”
Yes. He’s still mired in idolatry. Look at his replies. “he seven laws are a religion to me.”
and “I see myself as a nationalist. One of the reasons I don’t wish to convert to Judaism is my love for my people. I find that joining another nation would be a betrayal of the nation I belong to.” [“Rav S. R. Hirsch was vehemently opposed to a hollow, empty, secular nationalism based on race and shared historical accident…to the Jewish world-view, this ‘nationalism’ is none other than the worst example of idol worship.” Rav Yaakov Yechiel Weinberg, “The Torah of Life, as Understood by Rav. S. R. Hirsch.” The World of Hirschian Teachings, 99.]

“but he, in practice, keeps the seven commandments and is a good guy beyond that.”
How can you keep the Noahide Law when you view it as a religion of personal salvation? That’s the view of Christianity. And please explain to me the concept of a “good idolater.” Sounds like an oxymoron to me.

“You are factually incorrect about him being catholic in any sense of the word.”
Oh, I don’t think so. He has merely traded up; the Divine Code instead of the New Testament, Moses instead of Jesus, blah blah blah. He thinks he will be “saved” because he follows Jewish religion of the Chabad variety.
“Many Gentiles have a problem with this fact because it is more convenient for them to follow their false religions.” Exactly so.

“If you just wanted to verbally emote without evidence, then you succeeded.”
Evidence? What good is showing evidence to you? I could take you outside on a cool, clear night with a pair of good binoculars. Check out the moon and the planets. Take a look at ’em through the binoculars, or a good telescope. See all those ROUND things out there? They’re called PLANETS. Just like Earth. And they’re all ROUND GLOBES. All of them. Every planet in the solar system, every moon. And you would go inside, sit down on your computer, and write pages of nonsense on why the Earth is flat.
No, David. The Earth is not flat. The Earth is more than 6000 years old. You have ZERO evidence to back up your quaint 14th century views on physics. Only words.

I don’t think you should be talking about the difference between intelligence and intellect when you use faulty logic like “dude, the stuff in the sky are all spheres, so the earth is a sphere,” equivalent to “well, all the other gods are false so God is false” or “well, all the snooker balls are round so the snooker table is round,” smuggling in the unproven assumption that that what is below my feet is the same as what is above my head. (I’ll ignore the ipsi dixit fallacy that everything in the sky is a sphere … including the clouds … oh wait, I guess I have to arbitrarily choose what I pick as a sky-body to fit the globe earth belief, right? Oh, wait, you’ve never been to a star to verify its 3D shape.) I also don’t think there’s any point in you and I debating flat earth or the age of the earth because you’ve always in the past had the same approach: do some attempted drive-by shooting of insult or weak argumentation with no staying power, no patience or ability to argue using rationality or evidence based on the scientific method. So I’m not even gonna waste my time going into those subjects. I give you the same warning here as I gave you when I used to be on facebook, and here it is:

If you attempt to bring up age of the earth in the similar manner of just vacuous points with no attempt to discuss in a prolonged and respectful manner, and the same applies to flat earth, then I will, without mercy, with my words, tear you apart.

You’ve been doing that shit to me for years now and I’ve had enough. I had had enough when I gave you the warning on facebook and that ain’t changed.

So drop the topics, unless you commit having a prolonged and respectful dialogue about the subjects.

And since you chose to broach the subject, here’s a little slap back. You must be a person of some dishonesty to even think that I, who is supposed to be a friend of yours, accepts something like the age of the earth or flat earth “with ZERO evidence,” as you stated. If you want to hold on to such a lie, such a despicable idea, then I would be happy to slap you, verbally, across the face, and show you that you do not respect a friend by being such a base and contemptible character. I don’t disrepect people who hold to globe earth, atheism or philosophical idolatry by claiming they have no evidence or reason. They have their reasons. For myself, the evidence is lacking in veracity.

Speaking of idolatry, again, you only show yourself to be an idolator when you put the inadequate notions of men above God. Your scientism and adherence to naturalism, your approach of “[pseudo-]science is absolute, the Torah, God’s very word, must be changed and reinterpreted to fit it” can be brought up against you when you attempt to accuse HRV of idolatry. It’s easy for you to throw muck at people without seeing your own dirty hands.

When I use the word “intelligent”, your book is not my dictionary (and I love your book except for the “idolatrous” bits). Colloquially speaking, based on normal dictionaries. HRV is an intelligent man, and that’s not a put-down and I mean it in the normal dictionary sense.

Saying the seven laws are a religion to him is not idolatry according to the Talmud. I also now question the statement of Hirsch. You state that Hirsch opposed “a hollow, empty, secular nationalism based on race and shared historical accident.” What “nationalism” is Hirsch ok with then? Because, biblically, and in real life, a good amount of Jews were and are nationalistic, preferring their own. Even their law is nationalistic (or ethno-nationalistic) with only their own able to get positions of “power,” such as king or priest or prophet or the like, “from your own brothers.” The Jews prefer their own people, and I think, in an ethnic, “family,” tribal sense, that is very reasonable. There would be something unbalanced if only the Jews are meant to hold an ethnic preference, “pride” if you will, but no other family will. Even Hirsch’s use of the word “secular” is questionable. What is he saying? If the seven laws are secular, what is wrong with a secular ethnic, tribal affiliation and preference?

So I question the quote from Hirsch. If, in the Jewish-world, ethnic nationalism is idol-worship, then there is some double-standard going on there.

A religion of personal salvation isn’t idolatry in and of itself. So you made no point of value there.

Trading the Divine Code for the New Testament is one of the quintessential facts that proves he’s not a catholic. Thank you. “He thinks he’ll be saved …” I don’t think you’re psychic. So telling me what you think he thinks is gonna be binned almost instantaneously.

So that’s it. If you want to have a prolonged respectful discussion on the age of the earth or flat earth, I’m here to discuss with you, a person who is supposed to be a friend. If you just wanna drive-by and give worthless insults and then leave because “you don’t have the time” (although you made the time to drive-by), then I’ll give you the disrespect that I see as fit and verbally dismember you. The thing is though, … nah, I won’t say what I’m thinking

Affirmative, Dave. I read you.
It is because I’m your friend that I’m saying this stuff. You want me not to mention your “beliefs?” I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that. It’s your “beliefs” in… I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do.

You’re supposed to be a polymath; where the hell is your reading acumen? I said nothing about any “beliefs.” And I never wrote simply about not mentioning things. Damn! I guess I’ll have to use fewer words, simpler words, so that I can be understood.

If you can be nice and patient, using proper reasoning, we can talk about how long the earth has existed and about the shape of the earth. That means you have to spend a longer time to put across your views, dealing with things one point at a time, and it be ok for you to be corrected if you’re wrong.

If you just want to give a short and stupid comment on these subjects, which is what you’ve always done, like when you use stupid ideas like “everything is the sky is a ball, so we’re part of the sky and we’re on a ball,” and then you just choose to stop talking about the subject, then shut up forever about the age and shape of the earth whenever you talk to me.

It’s a bit like saying like you calling me “Dave,” when I’ve made clear to you that that is not my name and that I don’t like being referred to as “Dave.” That’s not being a friend. It’s like writing to me stuff like “Hey, Dave, I think you know you’re wrong.” That’s not only unfriendly and disrespectful. That is asinine. You ain’t psychic. If this was your attempt at being one, then quit now because you’re crap at both being one and pretending to be one.

But thank you for providing evidence, by your own example, that the notion that we’re living on a flying spinning ball that was made “long ago and far away” from a space belch is just as ridiculous as it sounds.

Just as I thought. Your crappy attempts at being psychic. You’ve written nothing of any truthful content to respond to. Since you cannot message me as a friend or with truth, I’ll give you the “honour” such a person should get. Thank you.

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