Monthly Archives: March, 2014

The Minority Report – Introspection

The title was inspired by a friend of mine after I had an episode with a disgruntled patriot. So I had a verbal dialogue, debate and full-blown argument with a person who didn’t like my point of view on certain subjects. For him personally, my ideas seem too similar to a Seven Commandment observant Gentile …

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Modern Police Force in light of the Seven Universal Laws

If the Seven Universal Laws are supposed to be a basic standard for life, real life, then it’s about time I take them on the road and apply them to real life events and organisations to see how these entities compare. One thing that has grabbed my attention for some time now is the police, …

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They think I’ve forgotten

To them, I don’t pray as much as I used to. To them, I don’t sing religious songs as often as I used to. They don’t see my head in the Bible as much and don’t see me immersed in the Hebrew of Genesis as I used to be. They remember the days of my …

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