I remember being alone …

I remember being alone in my room while I was at university. I had left my home and hometown far behind. Still a christian, I had no church of a similar denomination nearby. There was no TV in my room, just a computer. It came time for what I thought was “sabbath,” and I knew […]

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Processing the stupidity of my previous beliefs: Seasons

I want to process this using words, in a flow. Because the way it seems in my head right now, it seems wildly idiotic. But maybe by doing the numbers, it may gain structure. It may still be idiotic, but at least it’ll be idiotic is a structured way rather than wildly. In my previous […]

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The trans topic is outside the seven laws, so it’s totally fine(?)

What are the seven laws? Prohibition against injustice, or a command for justice. Prohibition against cursing God by his name. Prohibition against worshipping idols. Prohibition against certain sexual partners. Prohibition against murder. Prohibition against theft. Prohibition againrt eating meat taken from a living animal. What is this “transgender” idea? As far as I understand it, […]

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Ponderings on the cycle of history and gravity

I was thinking about some things. I wanted to record those thoughts, to place a landmark on my life’s journey, in case I wish to rethink. I’ll do the lesser first. Einstein is said to speculated about what gravity is. He must have accepted the existence of something called “gravity” but he came up with […]

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ADBC: 49 – The Origins of Man, Be a Winner(?), and Song Covers

Blog convo with my bro. Premise here. Last issue, my brother gave a solid response to how to encourage someone to keep on living. He and I are in similar places although his wording and explanation are different. The answer is fairly simple when one thinks about it. He dissects the issue of protectionism and […]

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ADBC: 48 – The Darkness after Life, The Quest for Misery, and Honouring One’s Parents

Blog convo with my bro. Premise here. In my brother’s last installment, he gave some fascinating insight into the various methods of teaching, their effectiveness and the pros and cons of each. What makes this substantial is that is not a discussion on theory but of his own personal experience. He brings forth a statement […]

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ADBC: 47 – Wisdom and the Seven Laws, Self-Help and The Pursuit of Depression

I think, for the most, I’ve found it difficult not to praise my brother’s verbal input to this blog discussion. And that can come off as some sibling favouritism. Maybe it is. How would I prove it otherwise? His last installment, all I can do is recommend it again. I’m not sorry. It’s a read […]

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Enemy in the Booth

Having gone through the UK political elections and witnessing the reaction to the upcoming US elections, a sobering realisation creeps over me regarding how so-called righteous Gentiles and so-called Torah observant Jews will behave. This will be a message directed more to the “independents” amongst the Gentiles who aim to keep the Seven Commandments or […]

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ADBC: 46 – Dealing with the Entrenched State, Another Twisted Youtuber, and the Chemical Life

I took great pleasure in reading, not merely listening to, my brother’s recent installment in this blog dialogue. It combined his usual excellent introspectives with trips down memory lane. Part of the title of this is wondrous to me, “The Wide-Screen Idol.” Shouldn’t that title in and of itself entice you to take a look? […]


I don’t have to change you

They were laughing at me. That’s how I took it. And the leader was so confident in their dismissal of my views. The look of disgust on her face as she attempted to refute the knuckle-dragging flat-earthers. Her reference for the denigration? A show on Netflix called “Behind the Curve” made to pour contempt on […]