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The Noachide Law of Justice

[I found another interesting article about the law of Dinim or Courts or Laws and thought I would share it.] by Rabbi Aaron Ross, from Chabura-Net. The web address of the original article is The gemara in Sanhedrin 56a tells us that the Bnei Noach (a term that generally refers to the nations of …

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Too many NO’s

An objection to the Seven Laws that I observed some time last month made me pause. It was an odd statement, but people can come out with stuff I couldn’t even imagine. I guess that would make sense s those people are not made and thus what they say comes from a different place, so …

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Can any member of humanity be “righteous” without becoming a Jew?

A question that comes into my mind at times is whether a person, any member of humanity, can be “righteous.” To put it another way, can a non-Jew be tzadiq? I personally have two ways of approaching this question. One is biblical precedence and the other is an understanding of the Hebrew word “tzadiq.” The …

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