Monthly Archives: June, 2017

The Anti-Establishmentarian 

*Smile* I have to smile at that title. A different word had come to mind when I had started to ponder this post, but that one which I ended up with, I’m happy with, especially when I saw its definition.  Some years ago, my boss saw some of my ways, may have heard some of …

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Satisfied with evil

The thing about living in a secular society is that you’re free to practice any religion you want … well, any religion that doesn’t break the laws of the politicians. And that freedom to just keep the seven laws is alluring, is comforting, is … well, it’s nice to keep God’s law without persecution, right? …

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“Hard, Ain’t it Hard” by the Redneck Rastafarian 

This article I’m about to share was written by the Redneck Rastafarian at and he gave me permission to share it here. There are so many thoughts here that reflect my own. As you may guess, I’m not saying I agree 100% with it, but, believe me, there is significant agreement, enough for me …

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