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The separation between “church and state”

The separation between “church and state” “The concept of “separation of church and state” as well as the Gnostic Christian “fleshy and spiritual” had their roots in the same Greek philosophy which also influenced scholars such as Thomas Jefferson and Immanuel Kant. The fight against the Torah, however, subtly moved into new secular battlefields, and …

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There’s more to the Seven Laws

Discussing the commandment of theft with one of my teachers highlighted for me how the Seven Commandments are more than seven simple statement, or even seven broad prohibitions. Each of the commandments have necessary presuppositions and definitions that need to be in place for the commandments themselves to have any meaning. For example, the law …

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Learning more about the prohibition against theft

An adult Gentile is warned about the prohibition of theft, and can be subject to capital punishment in a court of law for this transgression. This applies whether one forcefully robs or secretly steals money or any movable property, or kidnaps a person, or withholds the wages of his employee or other similar acts, or …

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