Monthly Archives: August, 2015

Murder – Guns and government

It’s interesting. Somehow American news finds its way far beyond its shores. I’m once again hearing of another set of murders where the weapon of choice was a gun. My work colleague stated that some people have counted the amount of “mass murders” caused by individuals having occurred in America that involved guns and it …

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Idolatry: Blurring the limits

Although it can be said that the legal application of the Seven Commandments do not cover beliefs, it is also true that much can be learned from thinking about the deeper elements of these commandments, the philosophy of the Seven Commandments. What is a characteristic of idolatry? It is where an individual takes a limited …

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Experts at doing evil

“Government is only capable of doing two things: It can point guns at people to force them to do things; and it can redistribute the wealth it collects by its accumulated privilege of force.” (from “The Myth Of Benevolent Government Central Authority,” a video by Jerry Day at–EiH5k) The fact that otherwise moral people …

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