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Elephants from thin air

These sort of thoughts normally get a bad response. But that’s never stopped me before. For all those who will consider me more an intolerable idiot than before, let me say “bye and all the best to you” from now. I keep hearing from God-rejector and God-fearer alike, even from the "priests" of scientism and …

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The importance of getting it right – part 1

Recently I’ve seen a great example of what can go wrong if a person has the wrong idea about the seven laws. And it comes as no surprise when the commandments are routinely taught in distorted ways or handled in ways that seem unjustified. And the effects of holding incorrect views about God’s commandments can …

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ben Noach?

Originally posted on Emuna Trek:
One morning this past week on my way to work I got to pondering about what it meant to me to be a ‘ben Noach’. For those who may be new to my blogs, ‘ben Noach’ is Hebrew for ‘son of Noah’. What is so special about that designation? What…

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